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5 Signs Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

Florida Insurance Bad Faith Attorney
When you make a claim to an insurance company you paid every month for years, you expect your claim will process quickly and your benefits will be paid. However, some insurance companies act in bad faith. They hurt the consumer financially by not honoring their end of the agreement. Here's  signs your insurance company may be acting in bad faith and what you can do about it.

1. A Low Settlement Offer Made Soon After the Incident

If your insurance company offers a settlement soon after the incident, it's likely the settlement amount doesn't account for future expenses. For example, in a car accident, the settlement may not plan ahead for future medical needs.

2. The Terms Are Changed Without Your Knowledge

An insurance company must provide you notice if the terms of your policy change. If the insurance company changed the policies without notifying you, or the insurance company is misrepresenting your policy, they may be acting in bad faith.

3. Refusal to Acknowledge Evidence of Damages

If you presented your insurance company with undeniable proof of damages, such as medical expenses or photographs of your injuries, and they refuse to acknowledge the evidence, they may be acting in bad faith. An insurance company should acknowledge the evidence you bring forward if it can be substantiated.

4. Inability to Provide a Reasonable Explanation of a Low Claim Value

Insurance companies that act in bad faith often make low settlement offers. Yet, they are unable to explain why the claim is so low. Be wary of your insurance company if they lowballed you but can't reasonably explain why your claim value is reduced.

5. Intimidation

If your insurance company is intimidating you in any way, or pressuring you to take their settlement offer, be on high alert and consult with your attorney. An insurance company should never pressure you into accepting a settlement offer. Nor should they ask for information you are not legally required to provide.

What to Do When Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

If you have reason to believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith after you made a claim, you may need to take legal action against them. Don't hesitate to ask for more information or set up a consultation appointment. Call the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A. at (800) 555-4011.

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