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Ft. Lauderdale Hospital and Orthopedic Surgeon Must Pay $2.15 Million Medical Malpractice Award to Former Teen Ballerina

13 years after Dr. Marc J. Philippon performed hip arthroscopy on Katie Shreffler, then 17, the orthopedic surgeon and Holy Cross Hospital of Fort Lauderdale have lost their final appeal and must now pay the $2.15 Broward County medical malpractice verdict that a jury had awarded to the former ballerina. Schreffler, who continued to experience pain and limited mobility after undergoing surgery performed by Philippon to repair a labral tear, sued Holy Cross Hospital and the orthopedic surgeon for Ft. Lauderdale medical malpractice in 1999. Another surgeon who had performed a debridement on her a year after she was operated on Philippon told her that there were gouges in her cartilage that appear to have been caused by a sharp instrument. At the 2007 South Florida civil trial, surgical technician Julie Snogles testified that Shreffler was only Philippon’s second or third patient that he had performed hip arthroscopy on. Snogles also says that not only did the orthopedic surgeon tell her that the procedure a new one, but also that this was a new surgery for him. Snogles a claims that halfway through the procedure on Shreffler, Philippon created a third portal, which he told her was an opening he needed to take out foreign object. However, even though the implication was that Philippon may have broken a shaver inside the teenager (and damaged cartilage while retrieving the broken parts), Snogles also testified that she never saw any foreign object being retrieved taken out of the patient. 10 years after the surgery performed on her by Philippon, Scheffler, who had studied ballet for 15 years, was still in pain, walking with a crutch, and needing more surgery to correct the damage from the original procedure. She was awarded the $2.15 million Broward County medical malpractice verdict that year. Examples of Surgical Errors that Cause Serious Patient Injuries: • Wrong site surgery • Anesthesia errors • Incision mistakes • Leaving foreign objects, such as medical instruments and sponges, in the patient • Using instruments that were not properly sterilized • Delayed surgery • Causing organ, tissue, or nerve damage because of surgical mistakes • Substandard care after the operation • Prolonged surgery Surprise Testimony From Surgical Tech Leads to $2.15M Malpractice Award, Outpatient Surgery, June 10, 2010

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