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Florida is Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians, Reports Transportation for America

According to Transportation for America, the four most dangerous US cities for pedestrians are located in Florida: • Orlando • Tampa • Miami • Jacksonville Ft. Lauderdale did not rank far behind these four cities. In South Florida over the last two years, there were at least 329 pedestrian fatalities—that’s 22.5% of all traffic deaths in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale region. 16.9% of all Florida traffic fatalities between 2007-2008 were pedestrian deaths. 490 Florida pedestrian deaths occurred in 2008. These figures are disturbing, considering that the state only spends 1.5% of its federal transportation budget on bicycling and walking infrastructure. Pedestrians need to have the proper road safety measures and traffic laws in place to protect them from the serious injuries that can result during a Florida pedestrian accident. Better designed roads, more crosswalks, additional/wider sidewalks, more crossing lights and speed bumps, and lower speed limits can help decrease pedestrian fatalities in high-risk traffic crash areas. According to Transportation for America, although driver mistakes and pedestrian errors can be sighted as two of the leading causes of US pedestrian crashes, many of these tragic accidents happen because the roads where they occurred were “dangerous by design.” Also, Time Magazine recently reported that hit-and-run car accidents are an all too common occurrence in Florida. In the last 10 years, there have been about 46 Miami-Dade County hit-and-run crashes. Many of the victims were child pedestrians. In an era where walking continues to be touted as a way to stay healthy and live longer, and in a state such as sunny Florida that is filled with tourists, college kids, bicyclists, skateboarders, retirees, and people who enjoy spending time outside, it is so important that transportation safety officials and motorists act to prevent Florida pedestrian crashes from happening. Florida's Deadly Hit-and-Run Car Culture, Time, November 29, 2009 Related Web Resources: Florida Department of Transportation In South Florida, please contact our Miami car accident lawyers to discuss your Florida pedestrian case.

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