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Drowning is the Leading Cause of Florida Child Deaths for Kids Under 5

Although it's only halfway through the summer, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that it has received reports of over 210 child drownings and non-fatal submersions in spas and pools since Memorial Day weekend. The fact that so many kids have gotten hurt from drowning incidents alone in such a short period of time is disturbing. Other child drowning statistics: • Between 2007 and 2009, there were 4,200 pool or spa incidents involving kids under age 15 who were treated for submersions. • 47% of the estimated injuries involved kids between the ages of 1 and 3. • For every drowning, about 11 near drownings occur. • Near drownings often result in serious brain damage. • Drowning accidents are a leading cause of Florida child fatalities for kids under age 5. In sunny Florida, swimming is a favorite pastime, both at private and in residential complexes, hotels, and resorts, as well as in the ocean. Pool and spa owners must exercise the necessary safety precautions to prevent both kids and adults from drowning. Just last Thursday, two 2-year-old boys nearly drowned in a Buenaventura Lakes pool at a private residence. The near drowning accident happened while the woman who had been watching the toddlers stepped away for about five minutes. She is the mother of one of the boys. Following the Florida swimming pool accident, the toddlers were in critical condition. Property owners can be held liable for Naples, Florida personal injury or Miami wrongful death if negligence contributed to allowing the drowning accident to happen. Some common reasons why pool drowning accidents happen to children: • Inadequate supervision • No locks or gates around the pool to keep kids out when no one is around to watch them • No lifeguard • Lack of rescue equipment, such reaching poles or life preservers • Failure to install the now legally required anti-entrapment drain cover Toddlers in critical condition after near-drowning in Osceola, Orlando Sentinel, July 22, 2010 Related Web Resources: Water-Related Injuries: Fact Sheet, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Our Miami personal injury attorneys represent families whose children have been injured because another party was negligent. Depending on the specifics of the incident, you may have grounds for a case involving Ft. Lauderdale injuries to a minor, Hollywood, Florida premises liability, or Palm Beach wrongful death. It is important that you consult with a Broward County injury law firm as soon as possible.

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