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12-Year-Old West Palm Beach Bicyclist Dies After He is Hit by SUV

12-year-old Pulio Chirino died today after he was hit by an SUV. Chirino, a West Palm Beach resident, was riding his bicycle to school when the tragic South Florida motor vehicle accident happened. According to early police reports, the 5th grader was riding his bike into an intersection when the SUV hit him, dragging him at least 25 feet. Witnesses say he was wearing a helmet but that the protective gear fell off during the auto crash. Chirino was flown to Delray Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Witnesses say he may have been crossing against the light, meaning that drivers would have had the right of way at the time of the deadly West Palm Beach bicycle accident. A crossing guard wasn’t available to monitor the intersection. The law enforcement officer in charge of assigning crossing guards to the area says that students who live in the vicinity where Julio’s family has a home usually go to a different school than the one that the 12-year-old attended. However, it is not uncommon for students in Palm Beach County to go to schools in other zones. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2007 Facts: • 698 pedalcyclists died in US motor vehicle crashes in 2007. • 91 fatalities were kids belonging to the 14 and under age group. • 73 of these 91 deaths were young boys. • About 43,000 pedalcyclists sustained injuries in US motor vehicle crashes. • 10,000 of these injury victims were age 14 or younger. While it is important for Florida motorists to exercise caution when there are pedestrians and bicyclists in the area, they must be extra careful around child pedestrians and bicyclists who may not be as experienced as their adult counterparts when it comes to safely navigating their way across streets and intersections and around motor vehicles. If your loved one is a child pedestrian or a bicyclist who was seriously injured in a South Florida car crash, you should speak with an experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer about your case. Children, 2007 Traffic Safety Fact Sheet, NHTSA Related Web Resources: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Contact our West Palm Beach car crash lawyers to discuss your case.

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