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How to Handle a Dog Bite Injury Claim

Florida Dog Bite Injury Lawyer
Dogs are generally friendly animals, but there are exceptions to every rule. Some dogs can be vicious and attack without warning, causing serious and debilitating injuries. In cases of children or elderly individuals being bitten, the risk of critical injury and death goes up. Here's how to handle a dog bite injury claim if you or a loved one are bitten or attacked by a dog.

Check the Dog Owner's Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Many people wonder if they bring a claim forward against the dog owner for the attack, who will pay for the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering? Fortunately, most homeowner's insurance policies include animal bites. While this often applies to dogs, it can also apply to a bite or attack by any other animal in the home, such as a ferret or a ball python. However, dogs stand to do much more injury than smaller animals. If you or a family member are bitten by a dog and you know who the dog's owner is, ask for their homeowner's insurance policy information and get into contact with them.

Don't Wait to Get Medical Care

Even if the dog bite doesn't look serious at first, it's important to obtain medical care as soon as possible, even if this means going to the ER. There are two reasons for this -- first, dog bites are deep wounds. The dog's teeth puncture the skin deeply. While the wound looks small and insignificant on the outside, it may go all the way through muscle or down to bone. The risk for infection is high. Second, waiting to get medical care can cause problems obtaining compensation later on. The insurance company will undoubtedly argue that if you waited to seek medical care, the bite or attack injuries weren't that serious. It's always in your best interest to obtain medical care as soon as possible after a dog bite.

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