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4 Steps to Take After Being Bitten by a Dog

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Dogs may have earned the nickname “man’s best friend,” but not every dog is friendly. Dogs can attack out of nowhere and for seemingly no reason, leaving adults and children with severe injuries that require immediate treatment. Here are four steps that can be taken after you or a loved one have been bitten by a dog.

1. Get Medical Help Right Away

If you or a family member have been bitten by a dog, don’t wait to get medical help. Some dog bites may be much worse than they look, especially in cases where the dog’s sharp teeth inflicted deep puncture wounds. Dog bites are at a higher risk of infection and may need special preventative treatment.

2. Get the Owner’s Information

In many cases, the dog’s owner can be held legally responsible for the dog’s actions. If you know who owns the dog, get their name, address, and phone number for your records. You may be able to obtain this information from the dog’s collar, or from someone in the area who recognizes the dog and can identify its owners. If you are going straight to the emergency room, ask a trusted friend to find out as much as possible about the dog and the owner.

3. Take Photos and Keep Your Records

If possible, take several photos of the dog bite before and after it has been cleaned and treated. Having photographic evidence of what the dog bite looked like at the time it occurred can be beneficial later on in a dog bite injury case. Make copies for the insurance company and be sure to keep the originals for yourself. Also, obtain copies of all your medical records, including test results and doctors’ notes. Be sure to follow all of your doctor’s recommendations, including staying out of work or restricting physical activity. You may need to submit copies of your medical records to the dog owner’s insurance company for evaluation, but you should hang on to the originals.

4. Contact a Fort Lauderdale Dog Bite Attorney

Although being bitten by a dog can be an extremely frightening experience, it’s critical that you take action right away in order to pursue financial compensation that may be available to you. At the Law Offices of John D. Ameen, P.A., we have assisted dozens of families who have been affected by a dog bite, and we can bring our experience and resources to the table in your case. We will aggressively pursue the highest settlement award possible in your case and guide you step by step through the process of filing a dog bite injury claim. Contact us today for a consultation by calling (800) 555-4011. We are available to assist you today.

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