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Dump Truck Driver Killed in Florida Train Crash During Intersection Collision

Posted on : November 29, 2012
A 44-year-old dump truck driver was killed today when his vehicle was struck by an Amtrak train that was heading to Miami. The deadly Florida train accident happened at an intersection south of Orlando. The impact of the collision was so forceful that the dump truck, which was transporting rocks, broke in two and the […]

Florida Auto Pile Up Kills 11, Injures At Least 18

Posted on : February 2, 2012
A series of Florida car crashes earlier this week on I-75 has claimed the lives of 11 people, injuring at least 18 others. The collisions, which are being described as a massive auto pileup, all happened south of Gainesville at around 4am on Sunday. Heavy fog and brush fire smoke played a role in creating […]

Pro Golfer’s Son Sustains Head Injuries in Palm Beach County Semi-Truck Crash

Posted on : December 2, 2011
Devon Quigley, the son of PGA golfer Dana Quigley, sustained serious head injuries when his BMW crashed into the back of a semi-truck on Wednesday. The 27-year-old was going home to West Palm Beach at around 11:15pm when the Riviera Beach truck accident happened. Police are trying to determine what happened and who was at […]

Preventing Florida Truck Accidents: NTSB Recommends Banning Commercial Drivers from Texting and Cell Phone use While Driving

Posted on : September 14, 2011
The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all states ban commercially licensed drivers from talking on the cell phone or texting while operating their vehicles. The recommendation comes in the wake of federal officials confirming that the 2010 tractor-trailer truck crash in Kentucky that killed 11 people occurred because the trucker became distracted while […]

Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit Blames Volusia County for Truck Accident on Beach that Killed 4-Year-Old

Posted on : August 11, 2011
A year after 4-year-old Aiden Patrick was fatally struck by a truck on New Smyrna Beach, his family is suing Volusia County and the driver of the vehicle for his Florida wrongful death. The plaintiffs contend that the county should have taken the appropriate steps to make the beach safe for beachgoers. The Florida pickup […]