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Broward County, Florida Hip Implant Lawsuit Blames Stryker Rejuvenate Replacement Device for Plaintiff’s Health Complications

Posted on : December 19, 2012
Jaime Simon has filed a Broward County, Florida hip implant injury case against Stryker Orthopedics for complications linked to the company’s Stryker Rejuvenate hip device. Alleging breach of warranties, negligence, manufacturing defects, design defects, and failure to warn, the plaintiff wants the defendant to cover related expense, including medical costs. In the Florida hip implant […]

Three Florida Deaths Linked to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak From Tainted Steroid Injections

Posted on : October 19, 2012
According to the Florida Department of Health, at least three of the fungal meningitis deaths linked to the contaminated steroid that has caused a nationwide outbreak occurred in this state. These fatalities include a 78-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman. At least 13 people in Florida have fallen ill from the tainted drug, which is […]

Avastin Injections Repackaged in Hollywood, Florida Pharmacy Linked to Serious Eye Infections

Posted on : September 8, 2011
According to the Florida Department of Health, reports of streptococcal endophthalmitis infections linked to intravitreal injection of repackaged Avastin have surfaced at clinics in the Miami area. The tainted injections have been traced back to a Hollywood, Florida pharmacy that repackaged the Avastin into 1mL-single-use syringes for individual eye treatments. The pharmacy then sent the […]

Palm Beach County, Florida Products Liability Lawsuit Filed Over Recalled Napa Home & Garden Fuel Gel Blamed for Woman’s Severe Burns

Posted on : August 3, 2011
A Palm Beach Shores couple has filed a Florida products liability lawsuit over burn injuries that they sustained because the Pourable NAPAfire and FIREGEL Gel Fuel they used in their firepots erupted into flames. On June 3 Jacqueline Delgado became engulfed in flames and she had to be admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s ICU. Her […]

Florida Products Liability: Bill Could Make It Harder for Victims to Win Damages from Auto Manufacturers

Posted on : May 4, 2011
A bill has now been approved by both the House and the Senate that will likely alter the landscape of who is held liable in Florida auto products liability lawsuits. SB142 requires juries to “consider the fault of all persons” who played a role in causing the traffic crash when trying to determine damages in […]