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What Evidence Do You Need for Home Owner’s Insurance Claim?

Posted on : August 31, 2018
Florida Homeowners Insurance Disputes Attorney
If you want to avoid doing battle with your home owner’s insurance company, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible when you initially submit your claim. Despite the fact that your policy outlines specific requirements that you must meet in order to present a home owner’s insurance claim, it is still possible […]

Can I Dispute an Insurance Company Settlement Offer?

Posted on : July 15, 2018
Receiving a settlement offer from the insurance company is a common step in the process of filing an insurance claim.  If you disagree with the settlement offer, however, it can be a big mistake to sign this piece of paper. As you will officially waive your eligibility to pursue any legal claims in the future. […]

What Should You Do When First Filing a Property Damage Claim?

Posted on : July 2, 2018
If your home has been destroyed or damaged, there’s a good chance that you are feeling overwhelmed by the loss and the process of replacing, repairing and recovery. In the event that the property was insured, one of the first things you should is to begin to gather evidence of the property damage and to […]

What Does a Flood Damage Lawyer Do?

Posted on : May 17, 2018
Do you know how a flood damage lawyer can help you if you are having a disagreement with the insurance company over recovering benefits through your policy? You need the support of a flood damage lawyer who is not afraid to take on these insurance carriers and fight for your best interests. Far too many […]

Should You Let Your Insurance Claims Lawyer Do All of the Talking to Your Insurance Company?

Posted on : March 23, 2018
If you have already filed an insurance claim and are frustrated because you feel that your claim has been wrongfully denied, you may be curious about hiring an insurance claims lawyer. It is not necessarily accurate that you should be the one talking to your insurance company after you’ve retained a lawyer. After all, you’ve […]