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Is US Car Culture Causing More Crashes?

Posted on : September 18, 2018
Most people who live outside of cities have access to cars. While this makes travel more convenient and more accessible to plenty, this also contributes to a car culture in the United States. What’s problematic about this culture is that despite the fact that driving is so common, car accidents have remained all too common […]

Florida Is Second in Country for Distracted Driving

Posted on : April 20, 2018
A study completed by Ever Drive using motion sensing app, identified that Florida was the second most dangerous state in the country for distracted driving. Florida comes in second only to Louisiana. Data was gathered through the motion sensing app to explore sudden acceleration, hard braking, speeding, aggressive turning and other movements that occurred from […]

Common Questions Auto Insurance Adjusters Will Ask You After an Accident

Posted on : May 24, 2016
Auto Insurance Claim
When you file a claim with your car insurance company after a car accident, you will get a phone call from an insurance adjuster who will ask a lot of questions. These questions can be intimidating, and how you answer them can have a significant impact on your claim result. Here are some questions you may […]

4 Reasons Car Accident Claims Are Denied

Posted on : December 17, 2015
Florida Car Accident Claims Lawyer
Being involved in a car accident is a harrowing experience, and filing a claim can be frustrating if it’s denied. Understanding why your claim was denied and what your next step should be is critical in getting the compensation you need for vehicle damage and medical bills after an accident. Following are four reasons why […]

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Posted on : October 13, 2015
Florida Car Accident Lawyer
What you do and say after a car crash can have a significant impact on your ability to receive compensation in the future for the damages incurred as a result of the crash. Here are a few things you should never do after a car accident and what steps you should take if you or […]