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Woman Driver Accused of Causing Florida Keys Car Crash while Shaving

One more activity has been added to the list of distracted driving activities that motorists shouldn’t do when driving: Shaving. On March 2, the Florida Highway Patrol arrested 37-year-old Megan Barnes after she allegedly caused a Florida Keys car accident while shaving her bikini area. Barnes’ 1995 Thunderbird crashed into the sport utility vehicle in front of her as it slowed down to make a turn. Two of the people riding the SUV sustained minor injuries during the motor vehicle crash. Barnes reportedly told trooper Gary Dunick, the arresting cop, that she was shaving because she was getting ready to meet her boyfriend. Her ex-husband Charles Judy, who was riding in the vehicle with her, held the steering wheel she shaved. This is not the first time that Barnes has gotten in trouble with the law over her driving habits. The woman who internet punsters are calling Florida’s “Pubic Enemy” had just been convicted of driving on a suspended license (her sixth suspension) and DUI. Following the Florida car crash, the former couple drove a little way off and allegedly tried to switch seats to make it appear as if Judy had been driving. Seeing as Judy had burn marks on his body and it was the driver’s side airbag that deployed, that alleged ploy didn’t work. Barnes is charged with reckless driving, driving with a revoked license, driving without insurance, and leaving the scene of an accident. Our Miami car crash law firm cannot stress the importance of staying focused while driving. Unfortunately, in Florida and the rest of the US, distracted driving continues to be a cause of many personal injuries and wrongful deaths. In January, a drowsy truck driver was charged with second-degree manslaughter for a distracted driving truck accident that left 33-year-old Judy Stratton dead. Trucker Thomas Wallace was allegedly watching porn on his laptop when the deadly collision happened. Other Examples of Distracted Driving Activities: • Text messaging • Putting on makeup • Painting nails • Talking on the cell phone • Surfing the Internet • Playing board games • Watching movies • Reading Cops: Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Privates, ABC News, March 11, 2010 Related Web Resources: Distracted Driving, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Florida Department of Transportation Contact our Ft. Lauderdale car crash lawyers to request your free case evaluation.

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