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West Palm Beach Artist Awarded $2.1 Million for Traumatic Brain Injury from Car Accident

In West Palm Beach, a jury has awarded Terry Williams, a 45-year-old mural artist $2.1 million for permanent and disabling neck and brain injuries that he sustained in a 2003 Florida truck crash. Williams’s van was rear-ended by a Loomis & Fargo truck on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach Garden. Because of the accident, he cannot paint quality work. The jurors ruled that the driver and Loomis & Fargo were negligent in causing the accident. Traumatic Brain Injuries Some 1.4 people sustain traumatic brain injuries each year. A TBI usually occurs when there is a violent blow to the head. Common causes of TBIs include car accidents, motorcycle crashes, truck collisions, assault crimes, fall accidents, physical abuse involving violent shaking of the head, and gunshot wounds. Traumatic brain injuries can be completely life changing. A person with a serious traumatic brain injury may have problems speaking, eating, remembering things, or have difficulty controlling their motor functions. Seizures may ensue and a TBI patient may experience sudden mood swings or personality changes. A TBI can also seriously affect the lives of the victim’s friends and family, who can no longer enjoy the kind of relationships and interactions that they used to with their loved ones. If the TBI victim was the main source of financial support for the family, their quality of life can also be compromised. A person with a serious TBI may also require costly, ongoing, specialized medical care. In South Florida, our serious injury attorneys know how to properly pursue your case and prove to a jury that your injuries warrant significant recovery. Our motor vehicle crash lawyers have helped many auto accident victims and their families recover compensation through settlements and verdicts. Traumatic Brain Injury, MayoClinic.com Related Web Resource: Traumatic Brain Injury Information Page Contact The Law Office of John D. Ameen, P.A. today.

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