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Pregnant Mom and Unborn Baby Killed in South Florida Wrong-Way Driving Accident on I-75

A South Florida wrong-way car crash on Interstate 75 this morning has claimed the lives of three people. Among the victims are a pregnant mom and her unborn baby. A third victim, a man, was pronounced dead at the crash site. Two other adults were also hospital. The deadly collision shut down the area of road between Miami Gardens Drive in Miami-Dade County and Miramar Park in Broward County, Florida. More specifics regarding the traffic crash are not available at this time. Wrong-Way Driving Accidents Unfortunately, wrong-way driving crashes are a serious cause of Miami personal injury and wrongful death. Drunk driving, vehicle malfunction, speeding, distracted driving, drugged driving, driver error, and driver inexperience are just some of the reasons why a motorist might end up going the wrong way up a road or highway. Other common errors that can lead to a Palm Beach wrong-way driving accident include the driver entering a freeway through the exit ramp or exiting through the entrance ramp, getting confused about which side of the road to be driving on, or going the wrong way down a one-way street. Another cause of wrong-way driving crashes is poor signage that can lead a motorist to become confused. With wrong-way driving crashes, many times the other motorist or pedestrian will not be expecting a vehicle going the wrong direction. This means that a victim likely will be caught by surprise and may not have time to take the preventive measures necessary to avoid getting hit. Many wrong-way driving accidents can result in head-on crashes, which can be leave someone fortunate enough to survive with facial injuries, traumatic brain injuries, organ damage, and other catastrophic injuries. To prove that a party is negligent, you will want to work with a Ft. Lauderdale car accident law firm that has the resources to gather and preserve evidence, interview witnesses, request the necessary documents from the responsible party, accurately assess your injuries and other damages and what all of this will cost you, and knows how to obtain the maximum recovery possible for your case whether in or out of court. Our Hollywood, Florida motor vehicle crash lawyers know the toll that an accident can take on you and your loved ones. We cannot heal our client’s injuries or bring back the loved one that you've lost, but we can help hold the negligent parties responsible. There may even be more than one party who should be held liable for your injuries. Man, Pregnant Woman Killed in Crash on I-75, NBC Miami, August 19, 2011 I-75 crash kills 3, including unborn baby, WSVN, August 19, 2011 Related Web Resources: Car Accidents Caused by Negligence, Nolo Florida Highway Patrol More Blog Posts: Ex-NBA Player Alonzo Mourning Sued Over Miami-Dade Car Collision, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, July 21, 2011 Miami ATV Accident: Two Injured After Being Struck by Police Officer on South Beach, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, July 8, 2011 Florida Highway Patrol Name Wrong-Way Driver in Deadly Delray Car Collision, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, March 19, 2008

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