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Pompano Beach Family File Palm Beach Injury Lawsuit After 9-Year-Old Loses 10 Fingers and Sustains Burn Injuries During Go-Kart Accident

The family of 9-year-old Devin Olmstead is suing the Palm Beach International Raceway, the tracks investors, go-kart maker Carter Brothers, and go-kart engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton for Palm Beach personal injury. The Florida injuries to minor complaint comes more than four months after Olmstead was seriously injured in a go-kart accident at the raceway on May 25. Olmstead was at the raceway celebrating his ninth birthday. According to the family’s Palm Beach injury lawsuit, Olmstead sustained critical injuries when the go-kart he was riding flipped and burst into flames. The 9-year-old has serious burn injuries from his torso to his chin. He also lost all 10 fingers. The family’s Florida injuries to minors complaint says that the go-kart flipped over because the portion of the raceway was unevenly paved. The family’s Palm Beach injury lawyer says there were no race track employees nearby to help and someone in the stands had to rush over to rescue the boy. The family is accusing the raceway of not properly maintaining the track surfaces, inadequate supervision, failure to keep fire extinguishers nearby, and not having phones in the vicinity in the event of an emergency. The plaintiffs are suing Carter Brothers and Briggs & Stratton for products liability. The injury lawsuit contends that the go-kart leaks fuel when turned upside down. The US Consumer Product Safety Administration has been examining the go-kart’s design. Go-kart accidents are motor vehicle accidents that can result in serious injuries for the victims, who are not as protected as they might be within the confines of regular motor vehicles that come with built-in safety features. If your loved one was injured in a Florida motor vehicle accident involving a defective go-kart or because of negligence on the raceway company’s part, you may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit. In 1999, a jury awarded $1 billion to a woman who sustained serious burn injuries when her go-kart flipped over and burst into flames while on the raceway at Johnson's Park Go-Kart track in Pensacola. Jennifer Cowart was trapped in the burning vehicle until her seat belt burned through and she fell out of the Go-Kart. She had burn injuries on 93% of her body. She died 10 months after undergoing treatment for her injuries in 1993. Related Web Resources: Palm Beach International Raceway Go-Kart operating tips

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