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Palm Beach Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Polo Club Founder John Goodman Over Fatal Car Crash Can Proceed, Says Judge

A judge says that the Florida wrongful death lawsuit against polo club founder John Goodman can move forward. Goodman, 46, is being sued by the parents of Scott Patrick Wilson, who died in a Palm Beach car crash on February 12. According to investigators, Goodman, who was riding his Bentley convertible, ran a red stop sign before hitting Wilson’s vehicle. The impact of the car crash caused Wilson’s auto to flip over into a canal where he drowned. The polo magnate drove away from the Palm Beach County car accident site and waited nearly an hour before calling the police. According to test results, Goodman’s BAC was 0.117% even three hours after the fatal accident. Wilson’s parents Lilli and William Wilson are accusing Goodman of not just getting behind the steering wheel of his Bentley while drunk, but also of using “controlled substances” either earlier that day or the day before. They also contend that Goodman did not make any attempt to rescue their son who he knew was seriously injured and likely drowning. Goodman, who pleaded not guilty to the charges of vehicular homicide, DUI manslaughter, and failing to render aid in the car crash death, has entered a written plea of not guilty. He is demanding a jury trial. He had sought to have the Palm Beach wrongful death lawsuit halted until he resolves the criminal charges against him. His defense attorney had argued that since Goodman would likely to have to exercise his Fifth amendment right against self-recrimination to prevent any responses he gave for the civil case from being used against him during a criminal trial, it was more logical to place the family’s lawsuit on hold. The Wilsons are also suing the International Polo Club Palm Beach, which Goodman owns, and The Players Club, the establishment where he was drinking before the Palm Beach car crash happened. The bar’s employees are accused of continuing to serve Goodman alcohol that night even though he was “obviously drunk” and known for being an alcoholic. Related Web Resources: Drinking and Driving, 2Potsdam.edu

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