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Jury Awards $2.25M Palm Beach County Wrongful Death Verdict in Fatal 2008 Boynton Beach Car Accident

Losing someone you love in any kind of Florida injury accident is devastating—especially when the death may have been caused by another party’s negligence. While suing someone for Palm Beach wrongful death won’t bring your loved one back, it can allow you to hold the person that you believe was responsible liable. Just last week, the three adult children of Ann Prushansky were able to do that when a jury awarded them $3 million for their mother’s Boynton Beach car accident death. Since they found the 70-year-old woman 25% at fault for the deadly collision, the award against the other driver, Tara Patrice Fradley, was lowered to $2.25 million. Prushansky died in June 2008 when the vehicle she was in was rear-ended by the car driven by Fradley, 17. At the time, the teen driver was charged with a number of offenses, including DUI manslaughter. However, prosecutors ended up dropping the criminal charges after a judge found that the blood tests were taken illegally. Jury members in the Boynton Beach wrongful death case weren’t told about the criminal charges or blood test issues. They were, however, notified that Fradley had admitted to taking Xanax and drinking alcohol on the day of the Palm Beach auto accident. Drunk Driving Drunken driving fatalities are deaths that could have been prevented—if only a motorist hadn’t been driving while under the influence. People know that driving while drunk is dangerous—yet there are many out there who continue to drive while intoxicated. Granted, some of these motorists may suffer from the disease of alcoholism. That said, it doesn’t matter why someone was driving while drunk—especially if it results in serious injuries or deaths. Protect Yourself from Drunk Drivers If you see another motorist doing the following on the road, he/she may be driving under the influence: • Making very wide turns • Driving over the lane marker • Weaving the vehicle from side to side • Wrong-way driving • Driving extremely fast or at an unreasonably slow speed • Narrowly missing another vehicle • Following another auto too closely • Stopping in the middle of the road or freeway for no reason Stay away! If possible, report to police. Always use a seat belt. Children awarded $2.25 million in crash that killed mother in Boynton Beach, Sun-Sentinel/The Palm Beach Post, March 15, 2011 Related Web Resources: Drunk Driving Penalties in Florida, DMV Florida Drinking & Driving, Alcohol More Blog Posts: Retired Major League Baseball Player Jim Leyritz Settles Fort Lauderdale Wrongful Death Lawsuit with Family of Woman Killed in Broward County Car Accident, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, May 26, 2010 Drunk Driving May Have Been a Factor in Fatal Palm Beach County Car Accident Involving International Polo Club Owner and University of Central Florida Graduate, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, February 16, 2010 Mother Awarded $330 Million Florida Car Accident Verdict Over Daughter’s Wrongful Death, Florida Injury Attorney Blog, November 10, 2009

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