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Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit Will Likely Be Filed Over Car-Tractor Crash that Killed Three Teenagers in a Martin County Construction Zone

The parents of one of the teenagers killed when the Jeep Grand Cherokee they were riding struck a John Deere loader in a construction zone say they plan to sue the contractor who was doing road work that evening for their son’s Florida wrongful death. 16-year-old Connor Graver was one of the three victims killed in the deadly Martin County, Florida car crash, which occurred at around 2am on August 4. The other two victims are 18-year-olds Nicholas Coady, who was driving the sport utility vehicle, and Christopher Briglio. The front-end loader driver did not sustain any injuries from the car-tractor crash, which occurred on Cove Road close to Stuart. The Florida wrongful death lawyer who is representing Graver’s parents say that that the contractor should have closed the lane where construction work was taking place, as well as placed a flagman or flashing lights in the area to let motorists know that it was important they slow down and exercise caution. Construction Zone Deaths While the number of construction deaths went down by 17% in 2007 compared to 2006, there were still 835 highway construction zone deaths that occurred in 2007—that’s 2.3 fatalities/day. Four out of every five construction zone deaths are motorists. The government entity, construction company, or contractor involved in a construction zone project must make sure that the zone is marked and easily visible so that drivers know that because construction work is taking place they need to slow down and possibly maneuver around the job site. Setting up orange cones, signs indicating reduced speed limits, or other warning signs and/or appointing a worker to redirect traffic are just a few ways to decrease the chances of a Florida car accident happening in a construction zone. Construction workers, truck drivers, and others employed to work at the site should also exercise caution so they don’t accidentally cause a motor vehicle crash. Although there are construction zone accidents that do occur because a driver failed to heed the safety barriers and warning signs, work zone accidents can also occur because the construction company or one of its workers was negligent or reckless. In these types of instances, it may be necessary to file a Florida wrongful death complaint or a personal injury lawsuit if someone got hurt or died as a result. Related Web Resources: Florida Department of Transportation

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