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Florida Auto Pile Up Kills 11, Injures At Least 18

A series of Florida car crashes earlier this week on I-75 has claimed the lives of 11 people, injuring at least 18 others. The collisions, which are being described as a massive auto pileup, all happened south of Gainesville at around 4am on Sunday. Heavy fog and brush fire smoke played a role in creating less than ideal conditions on the road that morning. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, seven tractor-trailers and 12 cars were involved in different accidents, which occurred on both sides of the highway. In one collision, a tractor-trailer and two cars caught fire, melting asphalt. There also were crumpled cars on both southbound and northbound lanes and on the shoulders. Media reports describe the disaster area as being a mile long. Visibility was so bad that at first rescuers could only find victims by listening for them. They spent the day spraying foam onto wrecked multi-vehicles, while some victims had to be pried out of their autos. As of Thursday, eight of the people who were injured were still in hospitals. One of the victims still in fair condition is 15-year-old Lidiane Carmo, who lost her parents, brother, and sister in the Florida car accident they were involved in. Just hours before the Florida auto pileup, authorities had closed off an area of the highway following a three-auto collision that caused one serious injury. According to authorities, they reopened the area just minutes before the collision. One witness said you could hear vehicles striking each other while people were screaming and crying. Steven R. Camps is quoted by the AP as describing the scene as looking “like the end of the world.” The National Highway Transportation Board has investigators working to determine what caused the deadly pileup. While poor weather conditions can’t be blamed on anyone, in a situation such as this it is important to determine whether negligence played a factor in allowing the pileup to happen. Should the area of I-75 have remained closed following the first Florida car crash? Were there vehicles that were speeding, a driver who was driving drunk, or any other recklessness or carelessness that occurred that made it easier for an accident to happen in light of the bad driving conditions? If you were injured in Sunday’s I-75 pileup or someone you love died as a result of it, you should speak with an experienced Florida car accident lawyer immediately. There may be more than one party that should be held liable. In some cases, it may be a government entity or property owner that could/should have acted in a way that would have prevented your motor vehicle crash from happening. Trop and Ameen, PA represents victims their families injured in South Florida truck crashes, auto crashes, pedestrian accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle collisions, and other types of accidents. Your first consultation with our Miami car accident law firm is free. We have other law offices conveniently located in Naples, Hollywood, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, and West Palm Beach. 8 remain hospitalized after fatal Florida pileup, CNN, February 2, 2012 More Blog Posts: Florida Wrongful Death Lawsuit Blames Improperly Installed Guardrail for Fatal Car Crash, FIorida Injury Attorney Blog, January 6, 2012 With Safety Officials Calling For Tougher Stance Against Distracted Driving, Florida Lawmakers May Follow Their Lead, FIorida Injury Attorney Blog, December 29, 2012 NHTSA Reports 2,445 Florida Traffic Deaths in 2010, FIorida Injury Attorney Blog, December 8, 2011

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