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Common Questions Auto Insurance Adjusters Will Ask You After an Accident

Auto Insurance Claim
When you file a claim with your car insurance company after a car accident, you will get a phone call from an insurance adjuster who will ask a lot of questions. These questions can be intimidating, and how you answer them can have a significant impact on your claim result. Here are some questions you may be asked and answers you may want to consider giving in response.

1. Can You Provide a Recorded Statement Regarding the Accident?

It's a good bet that your insurance adjuster will ask you to provide a recorded statement. Whether or not you have to depends on your policy. Before you answer "yes," make sure you've reviewed your policy documents to determine whether or not it's written that a recorded statement is necessary for a claim. If it's not, you want to avoid providing a recorded statement, because they can usually get the same information from the police report.

2. Can You Sign an Authorization for Access to Your Medical Records?

Often, insurance companies will ask for unrestricted access to your medical records. Many people simply sign this over, without thinking about the potential harm it could do. Giving unrestricted access will not only allow the insurance adjuster to review medical records related to the accident, but also any medical records you have prior to the accident. If you injured your shoulder playing sports some years ago, the insurance adjuster may locate these records and attempt to use them to deny your claim for treatment on a shoulder injury caused by the accident, stating that you had a pre-existing condition. Ask an attorney about what kind of limits you can put on the medical information that your insurance company and the other party's insurance company has access to. Generally speaking, you want to limit them to be able to access only medical records associated with the accident.

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