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Boy Killed in Pembroke Pines Car Accident

A young boy has died in a Broward County, Florida car accident. The four-car collision happened on Friday night. Police say that Miami Gardens resident Jorge Pascual did not slow and/or stop his 1999 Ford Explorer and rear-ended a 2002 Kia. Riding in the front-seat of the Kia was 53-year-old Patricia Berrio, a Miami resident. She was admitted to Memorial Regional Hospital in serious condition. Also involved in the Pembroke Pines motor vehicle crash were vehicles driven by Mark Jensen, a Miramar resident, and Richard Quintero of Pembroke Pines. Florida Multi-Vehicle Crashes Proving liability when there are multiple vehicles involved can be tough. This is one reason it is important to consult with a Pembroke Pines car crash law firm about your case. Common causes of multi-vehicle crashes include speeding drivers, distracted drivers, drivers that are following too closely, drunk drivers, drugged drivers, and vehicles with defective breaks. Chain reaction collisions have a higher risk of happening during rush hour when traffic is heavy and/or slow in certain pockets of the road. There may be one than more motorist/party that should be held liable for the Broward County car accident that caused your Florida personal injuries or the wrongful death of your loved one. Most motorists never intend to cause injury or death to others. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be held liable in civil court for the harm caused and costs and losses incurred by the victims. Negligent drivers may even be subject to criminal charges. Boy killed in Pembroke Pines crash, Sun-Sentinel, April 3, 2010 Related Web Resources: Florida Traffic Laws What to do after a car accident, MSN Car Accidents Overview, Justia An experienced Broward County injury law firm can determine how much financial recovery you should get for injuries, medical costs, damage to your vehicle, lost wages, funeral/cremation costs, and other loses/damages.

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