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6 Kids, 1 Man Thrown in Palm Bay, Florida Pickup Truck Crash

Nine people were injured—six children and three adults —when the pickup truck that they were riding flipped over on Monday evening. The six kids and one of the adults, a male, were on the bed of the truck at the time and they were thrown onto Interstate 95 close to Palm Bay. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. The single-car collision happened after one of the tires separated from the vehicle. Charges over the Palm Bay car accident are expected. Unfortunately, tire-related crashes are more likely to occur in hot weather. This is why drivers must check their vehicle’s tires for signs of wear and tear before getting on the road. Between 2005 and 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that about 116,000 people got hurt and 3,400 people were killed in accidents caused by tire malfunctions, defects, blowouts, and separation. If failure to properly maintain one’s tires caused a South Florida traffic crash, the driver or whoever’s job it was to check them to make sure they were safe for use could be held liable for personal injury. If the tire manufacturer made defective tires or the company that installed the tires did a poor job and either of these negligent acts caused a motor vehicle accident, then these parties could be held liable too. Also, depending on the specifics of your Florida traffic crash, the person driving the vehicle could get sued for placing others in danger. For example, it is illegal for anyone who is a minor to be riding on the bed of a pickup truck bed on a limited-access highway. One argument that a Palm Beach injury lawyer might have in an accident such as this one is that the driver allowed minors onto the truck bed and, as a result, they got hurt when the crash happen. Although Florida motorists usually do have $10,000 minimum in PIP (personal injury protection) to cover the individual, his/her child, members of the same household, and passengers that don’t have PIP or own a vehicle, this may not be enough to cover medical expenses and related costs from a motor vehicle crash if the injuries are very serious. What is "Personal Injury Protection" (PIP) insurance?, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Contact our Miami car accident law firm to request a free case evaluation.

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