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Why You Need to Hire a Fire Damage Lawyer

a fire damage lawyer can help with your legal claim

Living through a fire is an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re not yet sure what all was lost or destroyed in the process. Due to the high stakes for your insurance claim after a fire, hiring a lawyer is important. Have you recently suffered serious fire damage because of an unpreventable event and now you […]

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Tips for Filing a Fire Insurance Claim

handling a fire insurance claim denial should be done with a lawyer

  Particularly, as fires are a seriously prevalent threat throughout the country, insurance companies may try to cut corners on fire insurance claims in order to protect their own bottom line. It is already a devastating experience to lose your personal belongings in your home but the last thing you want to worry about is […]

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What to Do When Your Insurance Adjuster Will Not Return Your Calls After an Accident?

If your insurance claim is denied after a car accident, you need help from an insurance claims lawyer

Many individuals who have suffered serious injuries in a car accident assume that their insurance company will be there to protect them. It can be an overwhelming an unfortunate discovery to realize that the insurance adjuster is not doing his or her job. The adjuster may be counting on you not wanting to deal with […]

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5 Signs Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith

Florida Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

When you make a claim to an insurance company you paid every month for years, you expect your claim will process quickly and your benefits will be paid. However, some insurance companies act in bad faith. They hurt the consumer financially by not honoring their end of the agreement. Here’s  signs your insurance company may be […]

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How to Handle a Dog Bite Injury Claim

Florida Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

Dogs are generally friendly animals, but there are exceptions to every rule. Some dogs can be vicious and attack without warning, causing serious and debilitating injuries. In cases of children or elderly individuals being bitten, the risk of critical injury and death goes up. Here’s how to handle a dog bite injury claim if you […]

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How to Face a Life Insurance Claim Denial


Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the burden of receiving a denial of your family member’s life insurance. A life insurance claim denial feels like a slap in the face. You may feel like you have nowhere left to go. It’s important to not back down after receiving a denial — you have […]

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What You Need to Know About Mold & Homeowner’s Insurance

lawyer to help with building insurance disputes in Broward County

Mold is something that every homeowner fears and many come face-to-face with. Mold damage can be expensive to fix. In fact, homeowner’s insurance companies are reluctant to cover expenses related to mold. Here’s what you need to know about mold and homeowner’s insurance, and what to do if you have submitted a claim to your […]

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What to Do When Someone Is Injured On Your Property

Florida Homeowners Insurance Disputes Attorney

As a homeowner, you expect things to go wrong. You might need a new hot water heater, or a roof replacement sooner than you thought. These are issues that most homeowners are prepared for. However, there are other issues homeowners need to be aware of. Particularly, what will happen if someone is injured on your […]

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Know Your Rights After an Insurance Denial

Florida Insurance Denial Attorney

Having your insurance claim denied can be shocking. But keep in mind that many insurance companies are dishonest and find means to refuse claim resolutions rather than pay them. These unethical practices can include making you wait and asking for unreasonable demands. All in the hope that you’ll give up and accept the denial. Here’s what you need […]

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Why Was My Disability Claim Denied?

Florida Disability Denial Attorney

Having a disability claim denied can come as a shock, especially when you feel as though you are truly disabled and are in need of benefits. The first step after a denial is to find out why your claim was denied. On what basis did they decide you were not eligible? Here are the most […]

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