Birth Defect Litigation Attorney

Our Florida injury lawyers have extensive legal experience in helping the victims of birth injuries.

If you or loved one have suffered a birth injury, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation.

Lawyer for help with a birth injuryThere are several causes of birth defects and birth injuries:

  • Some occur during the prenatal period as a result of medications or other toxins that the mother is exposed to prior to birth. Sadly, the harm caused to a baby while in utero can be devastating and permanent.
  • Healthy children can be injured at the time of the birthing process.  A common form of a traumatic birth injury is prenatal asphyxia. This condition occurs when the child is deprived of a sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain at or immediately before delivery. The effects of this condition can be devastating and cause permanent damage to the child.

Birth Defect Attorney

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